To become a fullstack software developer.


Employment History

Freelance – Padula Institute (April 2022-)

Freelance Software Developer using Python to create a proof of concept for vision testing equipment.

Visique Feilding – Part-time Optometrist (January 2022-)

Performing eye examination and diabetic screening service.

Foate Optometry – Full-time Optometrist (October 2020-October 2021)

Performing eye examinations and making optical recommendations at a small independent clinic. I also educate patients on their eye health and communicate with other health professionals such as general practitioners and ophthalmologists (eye specialists) to provide good patient outcomes.

Canterbury District Health Board – Part-time Low Vision Optometrist (July 2020-2021)

I work in the Low Vision Clinic in association with the Lighthouse Vision Trust. This type of work is a rehabilitation service, where I work closely with an occupational therapist to provide eye examinations, explanations, and recommendations for individuals with low vision.

Matthews Eyewear Eyecare – Full-time Optometrist (2019-2020)

Performing eye examinations, focusing on speciality contact lenses, glaucoma and ocular pathology. I am also the sole Optometrist for the Christchurch Men’s Prison, Rolleston Mens’ Prison and Christchurch Women’s Prison

Specsavers Hornby – Full-time Optometrist (2016-2018)

Performing eye examinations and providing recommendations for visual needs as well as aiding team members, polishing skills in effective teamwork and leadership

University of Auckland – Lab Demonstrator (2015)

Helping students with their learning and practical knowledge, while developing my own confidence in the field and ability to explain complicated concepts