Shivan infront of words "env" and dollar sign

Environment Variables can be Tricky

Having secure passwords is key as well as storing them in your .env file. Here is a little tricky case that we had to deal with.

June 28, 2023 路 1 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
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Become Confident with Database Migrations

Playing around with PostgreSQL

June 27, 2023 路 2 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran

Arrow Functions and Function Definitions

There is a difference between normally defined functions and arrow functions

April 29, 2023 路 4 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
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Why I don't watch sports, the news, movies, TV shows or play video games

they are all distractions but I struggle to stay away from them; however, you also become more alienated from society when you try to abstain.

December 3, 2022 路 5 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran


Life is dynamic

November 23, 2022 路 2 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
Graph showing a plateau

Taking Risks

I鈥檓 all talk, but do I walk to the walk?

November 13, 2022 路 3 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
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Is happiness a choice?

September 14, 2022 路 3 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran