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Who am I?

A dog with sand on nose


Is happiness a choice?

September 14, 2022 路 3 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
Screencast showing example of code running

Turning Screencasts into Animated .gifs

Turn your screencasts into .gif files with a simple script

September 6, 2022 路 1 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
Black and white photo of a man

Don't Forget the Shades of Grey

I need to remind myself that life is more nuanced.

September 3, 2022 路 3 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
What is Masculinity?


Is masculinity on the decline or does the definition of masculinity have to change?

August 29, 2022 路 6 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran

My Git Cheatsheet

Git is an awesome tool. It鈥檚 better with these commands.

May 22, 2022 路 2 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
A surgical mask hanging on a rear view mirror

My Finances and Plans for 2022

Time to get transparent about my finances.

January 1, 2022 路 10 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran
5 aces

Do You Have to Cheat to Win?

Can you become successful without stepping over others?

December 10, 2021 路 7 min 路 Shivan Sivakumaran